Along the water, we leave the city, into the sunrise. 40km and a relaxed pace to start the day right. Social rides for everyone. Every friday 5.30am Reventloubrücke.



How can i join you?
The dawn patrols are open rides. Everyone is welcome. Right now a registration is mandatory. No ticket no ride. We kindly ask you to read these FAQ beforehand and pay attention to our COVID19 regulations.

We know our responsibility. Following the regulations we only ride in groups of 10. A registration is mandatory. No ticket, no ride. Read our COVID19 regulations and head over to Instagram for more information.

Who is riding?
Beginners and Pros are rolling happily along with us. This is not about speed. It’s about socializing

Who organizes the dawn patrols?
We are an open collective of likeminded cyclist. With these rides we want to boost Kiels cycling scene.

Will i make it?
Everyone that can ride 25km/h for an hour will roll along easily at our pace of 28km/h

Never have I ridden in a group
There are some simple rules to follow in a bunchride. Just ask us prior start and we are happy to assist.

What happens if my bike breaks down?
As our timeschedule is tight, we can not wait. Always Bring your mobile and a patchkit.

Will I be back in time for work?
We ride the same route every week. This way everyone can plan ahead. We will be at Westring/Olshausenstraße at 07:15am every time.

Is this a smashfest?
No, its a social ride. Not fast enough? Ride in the wind, ride for those struggeling, ride one-legged, ride with a empty stomage, ride GA1. It’s a ride, not a race.

Anything else?

Set your alarm, wear a helmet, bring your lights. Ride considerate and just don’t be a dick!